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    金牛国际网址Felix paused to let this significant statement, as he evidently considered it, sink into the lawyer’s mind. But the latter only bowed and said:—


    ‘The steamboat people think that a mistake has been made and that the cask that you received was not the one consigned to you, and which you expected.’
    ‘Just after six in the evening, monsieur, between five and ten minutes past.’
    ‘Your torch, La Touche!’ he cried, and then he saw what it was. Tied to the switch was a length of fisherman’s gut. Practically invisible, it passed down the wall and through a tiny hole in the floor. Any one pulling it from below would switch off the light.


    1.‘I guessed I was on to the game then. These three were wrong ’uns, an’ they were out to get rid o’ the body, an’ they didn’t want me around to see the grave. All that about the drinks was a plan to get me away from the dray, an’ Ginger’s talk was only to keep me quiet till the others got clear. Well, two o’ them ’ad got quit o’ me right enough, but I was blessed if the third would.
    2.‘Thank you, I am exceedingly obliged.’
    3.‘Then I think I had better ask my man, Mallet, to go with you. He could keep you straight, and you needn’t talk at all.’
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